Post permissions

Permissions in Akuko

With Akuko you can control who has access to a post. By default posts, are set to be private. Private posts are only accessible to logged in users who are a member of the account where the post was created. Private posts are a great way to securely and privately share information within an organization. One of the key benefits of Akuko is that posts can also be made public. This allows anyone to access the post without needing to be logged in. Most BI platforms like Tableau or PowerBI require expensive additional licensing to make this possible. With Akuko, we want to maximize your ability to have impact with the data stories you create. This allows you to use Akuko as a data story publishing platform.

Making your post public or private

Post permissions are set in the post title. To edit the permissions of the post, click on the edit button next to the post title.
Here you will have access to modify the post title and description. You will also have the ability to toggle the post between private and public. Toggling the post to public to give anyone access.

Last modified 9mo ago